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Project Duration 4 Months is the leading Georgian news, media, and entertainment digital services provider. Teoria is its service, where people who want to take a driver’s license test, can prepare for the exam.

Teoria website serves more than 150K users monthly. It provides the full learning experience, from thousands of exam tests to the exam simulator that acts and looks like the real exam software that students use in the official exam centers. The Teoria mobile application recreates the entire experience for modern mobile devices.

Teoria App Screens

The Challenge

Since the Teoria website and its exam simulator is modeled by the official exam software, the entire UI was never intended to be used on a mobile device. Additionally, as per the client’s insights, most of the service users are not very tech-savvy, so keeping the app experience familiar and easy to use was paramount.

Our challenge was to create a modern, snappy and fun mobile application while keeping the familiar flows and mechanics to minimize the onboarding effort and make the learning curve for users as smooth as possible.

Features Delivered

  • Cross-platform, offline mobile application.
  • Support for all types of driver’s license categories (light vehicles, busses, trucks, etc.)
  • Categorized tests with thousands of exam questions.
  • Exam simulator with smart randomization.
  • Tracking of challenging test topics and optimized exams for the enhanced learning experience.
  • Extra attention to user onboarding, app usage tutorials, and explanations of underlying features.

Project Tech Stack

React Native React Native

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