Java Development Services

With our years of experience in Java development and Java development outsourcing services, we're ready to tackle your next Java project from scratch or scale up your existing team.

Java is at the heart of hundreds of thousands of digital products and experiences. It's the platform for architecting the world's best applications and unlocking innovation everywhere, from garages to global organizations.

We create custom Java applications that match your business needs, from simple apps to complex systems. We’re here to help if you’re ready to incorporate Java into your project stack.


Why Java?

-- Community

As one of the most popular programming languages in the world, Java has the second-largest support community on Stack Overflow.

-- Java for Everything

Java runs everywhere. Its use cases expand from simple mobile apps to data science applications, machine learning applications, and even IoT.

-- Platform Independent

Java is platform-independent. It’s famous for being a "write once, run anywhere" (WORA) language.

-- High Performance

Java is faster than other traditional interpreted programming languages because Java bytecode is "close" to native code.

-- Multi-threaded

Java programs can deal with many tasks at once by defining multiple threads. Threads are important for multimedia, web applications, and beyond.

-- Architecture-neutral

Java is architecture-neutral since there are no implementation-dependent features.

Who uses Java

Brands using Java

Your Benefits with Omedia

Full service cycle

We can provide a full-service solution for your software development projects, from architecture design to production deployment. Our professional teams handle challenges at any stage of the product development cycle.

Quality-driven team

We’re obsessed with quality development and strive for perfection. Our project and delivery managers align the teams to the best practices in defect prevention to minimize the needed re-works and shorten the time to launch.

Discovery phase

Every project at Omedia starts with a discovery phase where we gather complete requirements and take a deep dive into your vertical. We try to map out the entire project to figure out and match resources and competencies across the team as early as possible.

Time and culture alignment

Our core team is from Eastern Europe, working with in-house teams from around the world. We work hard on a healthy, modern company culture that solidifies mutual trust, generosity, and respect between our employees, management, clients, and partners.

Clear communication

Our teams and managers are proficient in English and know that clear, concise communication is fundamental to the project’s success. We’re always honest and upfront about unforeseen challenges and try to figure out solutions together.

Quick start

With our large team of in-house developers and robust recruitment processes, most projects start in 4 to 6 weeks after initiation. 

Access to a larger team

Our clients get access to a larger team of Omedia’s professionals to tap their skillset only when required. Our developers also enjoy the strong experience-sharing culture, getting help from their peers when needed.

What They Say About Us

We enable our clients with everything the digital future has to offer. Every testimonial speaks on our commitment to excellence and to the passion we share with our partners.

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