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Industry Government

Client Girchi Party

Project Duration 8 Months

Girchi (“pine cone” in Georgian) is a libertarian political party of Georgia. It was founded with the declared aim of creating a novel political center based on the principles of classical liberalism and libertarianism.

Girchi is the first Georgian party that rejected a standard party structure and methods of political activities by selecting Facebook and their online platform as the central hub of its campaigns, internal processes, and communication platform.

Girchi Homepage
Girchi Party List

The Challenge

Girchi had a unique idea of managing their entire processes, members, and politician activities via their online platform. Additionally, they came up with proprietary token-based “currency”, that empowers party members to vote on issues, vote for their supported politicians, and exchange for goods.

We had to develop a high-stakes tool used by hundreds of party members for critical political processes and decisions. The challenge was to build an intricate tool that encouraged activities with gamified flows and rewarded users for participation.

Open Source

As requested by the client, the project was developed as an open-source system. Omedia’s team was the core developer of the project, working with the development head and design contributors from the Girchi party members. The source code, available on Github, was forked by another party (Girchi More Freedom) and is currently running as a separate platform at

Features Delivered

  • Online platform for political party process management.
  • Registration of party members, supporters, and politicians with a referrals system.
  • Online platform for working and collaborating on political issues.
  • Donations system with customizable sharing policies between the party, specific issues, or politician(s).
  • News and articles publishing.
  • Personal profiles of the party members and politicians, with activity badges.
  • Platform-wide system of meritocratic “tokens”, obtained via direct purchases, P2P transactions, or donations, and used for voting on issues.
  • Politician rankings based on supporter votes.
  • Real-time notifications and audit trail.

Project Tech Stack

Drupal Drupal React React

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